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I grew up in a home where the adults didn't drink, which is why I was pretty excited to start as soon as I was old enough. However, one of the first things that struck me after I started drinking were the incredible combinations of alcohol that were available. It was really neat to mix different drinks and to see how various combinations of drinks tasted. I wanted to create a fun blog for other people who might be interested in drinking. Check out these fun posts to learn all about ways to mix drinks, entertain a crowd, and have a great time.

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3 Tips for Making the Tastiest Pina Colada Possible

If you love pina coladas, and want to enjoy some at home instead of at a bar, here are a few tips that will help you make the tastiest pina coladas possible at home.

#1 Start With A Great Rum

If you want really tasty pina coladas, you need to make sure that you are starting with the best base possible. Rum is one of the primary ingredients in pina coladas and is the only type of alcohol that you'll find in a pina coladas.

With rum, it is not about where the rum is made as soil and climate do not really influence rum flavor and quality that much. Instead, it is all about how it was aged, produced, and blended.

For mixing and making drinks, such as pina coladas, white rum is usually the best option. It mixes well with drinks while still offering some traditional rum flavor. If you want to sip and drink the rum, golden rums and dark rums are better for drinking over ice. For a smoother taste, you are going to want to go with a rum that has been filtered numerous times. The more the rum is filtered, the smoother the rum will taste. For a little bit of an edge and extra taste to your rum, aged rums are generally designed to take on the taste of the flavor of the barrel or container that they were aged in.

#2 Use High Quality Pineapple Juice

The next ingredient in a pina colada is pineapple juice. If you want the freshest tasting pina coladas possible, purchase some pineapple and use a juicer to create your own juice. By making your own juice, you will get really fresh pineapple juice and you will cut out on all the sugar that can be added to pineapple juice that you purchase.

If you need to purchase pineapple juice from the store, be sure to purchase one that has the least amount of ingredients possible listed on the container. The less extra ingredients that are listed on the juice, the more natural the juice should be.

#3 Be Careful With The Coconut

Finally, be careful about the type of coconut that you use in your pina coladas. Coconut milk does not work well in shaken pina coladas, as it makes the mix too runny but it does work for blended pina coladas. If you want the best option that will make your drink tasty and thicker, you are going to want to use cream of coconut for the best flavor and taste.

You can also look into cocktail mixes offered by shops like Scales Cocktails to help improve your drinks.