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I grew up in a home where the adults didn't drink, which is why I was pretty excited to start as soon as I was old enough. However, one of the first things that struck me after I started drinking were the incredible combinations of alcohol that were available. It was really neat to mix different drinks and to see how various combinations of drinks tasted. I wanted to create a fun blog for other people who might be interested in drinking. Check out these fun posts to learn all about ways to mix drinks, entertain a crowd, and have a great time.

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Jammin’ Tannin: Three Types Of Wine For Beginners

For those who are new to drinking wine, the vast options to choose from may feel overwhelming! Luckily, just starting out with a few different types of wine can be a fantastic way to educate yourself more on the different types available. Even more enjoyable when paired with food, trying out new wines can be a fun adventure to embark on! Read on for a brief guide on three wines you should try right away. Read More