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I grew up in a home where the adults didn't drink, which is why I was pretty excited to start as soon as I was old enough. However, one of the first things that struck me after I started drinking were the incredible combinations of alcohol that were available. It was really neat to mix different drinks and to see how various combinations of drinks tasted. I wanted to create a fun blog for other people who might be interested in drinking. Check out these fun posts to learn all about ways to mix drinks, entertain a crowd, and have a great time.

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5 Beers Every Wedding Should Have And Why

Beer is one of the most popular drinks at weddings. Whether hosting a smaller gathering or a large, extravagant celebration, having the right beer can create an enjoyable reception for your guests. Here are five beers that every wedding should have to create a perfect wedding celebration.


Pilsner is one of the most widely consumed beers in the world and is known for its light golden color and crisp flavor. It has a light body and low alcohol content, so it won't overwhelm your guests with too much flavor or high alcohol content. Everyone can enjoy Pilsner, even those who don't typically drink beer, making it perfect for all types of weddings. If you can only offer one beer, make it a Pilsner.


India Pale Ale, commonly just referred to as IPA, is another great choice to serve at a trendy wedding. Craft beer lovers often enjoy the hoppiness of a good IPA. It has a slightly higher alcohol content, but the flavor is well-balanced with a pleasant bitterness. If you have some hard-core IPA lovers on your guest list, look for unique, locally-brewed IPAs.


A classic lager is a must-have at any wedding celebration. It's a good, all-around beer with a light flavor and easy to drink. Lager is usually served at a slightly lower temperature than other beers and is often used as an introductory beer for new drinkers. If your other selections are locally-brewed beers, offer a lager that is an imported beer.

Wheat Beer

Wheat beers are popular among craft beer drinkers because they are full-bodied yet still refreshingly light in flavor. They have a slightly sweet taste and come in both light and dark varieties, making them versatile enough to pair with many types of food at a wedding reception. Wheat beers also tend to have higher alcohol content than lagers or pilsners.

Stout Beer

Stouts are known for their dark color and full-bodied flavor profile that many craft beer drinkers enjoy. Stouts pair extremely well with desserts such as chocolate cake or cheesecake due to their rich flavors. It should be noted that stouts are often served later on in the evening when your guests are ready for something more robust.

Bonus Option

With a growing beer list, you may want to change things up a bit and add a hard cider to your offerings. While not technically a beer, good hard cider is appreciated by both the beer crowd and your wine-drinking friends. Stick with a traditional cider if you are only providing one option. Do not get fancy and offer an unusual flavor like banana-apple.

When you offer a variety of beer options at your wedding reception, there will be something for everyone to enjoy. From lighter options like pilsners and lagers to darker brews such as wheat beers and stouts, there's no doubt that you'll find something that fits perfectly with your wedding vibe. Cheers!