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I grew up in a home where the adults didn't drink, which is why I was pretty excited to start as soon as I was old enough. However, one of the first things that struck me after I started drinking were the incredible combinations of alcohol that were available. It was really neat to mix different drinks and to see how various combinations of drinks tasted. I wanted to create a fun blog for other people who might be interested in drinking. Check out these fun posts to learn all about ways to mix drinks, entertain a crowd, and have a great time.

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4 Tips for Enjoying Beer

Beer is a beloved alcoholic beverage made by fermenting grains and hops. The proportions of these ingredients affect the final flavor. Beer is lower in alcohol than spirits like whiskey and vodka. The carbonation produced by the fermentation process makes beer a refreshing, drinkable treat. However, some people have never given beer a chance. If you're not an experienced beer drinker but you'd like to take advantage of this beverage, there are a few things you can do to enhance your enjoyment. Here are four tips that will help you enjoy beer.

Try Craft Beers

People who think they don't like beer may not have tried the right kinds of beer. The beers you can find in the supermarket are often mass-produced domestic or imported beers. While these beers can be excellent in their own right, they may not offer the complexity of flavor that you're looking for. Craft beers are made in breweries in small batches. Brewers have the opportunity to experiment while making craft beer. You can find delightful, flavorful beers like double IPAs and sour ales when you purchase from craft breweries.

Chill your beer before serving

Beer should be served at an appropriate temperature for the best flavor experience. Chill your beer before serving it. Ideally, you should put your beer in the refrigerator overnight. When beer is cold, it retains its carbonation more effectively. As the beer starts to warm, its flavors will change slightly. Most people find an ice cold beer very refreshing on a hot day.

Pour beer into an appropriate glass

Beer is often sold in cans and bottles. You can drink beer straight from the bottle, but this won't give you the optimal beer drinking experience. Beer tastes best when it's poured into a pint glass before consumption. When you pour beer into a glass, you give it a chance to form a foamy head. Drinking out of a glass will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the aroma and color of your drink. For best results, chill your glasses in the refrigerator before using them.

Pair your beer with the right foods

Beer makes an excellent accompaniment for lunch, dinner, or snacks. Enhance the flavors of your beer by pairing it with the right foods. Salty foods are always a good choice since the salt will encourage you to drink. Wheat beers and other light beers pair well with chicken, fish, and vegetables. Meanwhile, steak, pork, and other fatty foods will complement heavier beers like India Pale Ales.